The bottling is carried out at the Château respecting the quality and traceability standards in accordance with the legal requirements of each country where our cognacs are imported.

« Bottling by hand »

Our old cognacs are presented in luxurious packaging (crystal carafes, hand-blown glass bottles…). As these require special care, all the work has to be done manually.

« The mastery of a high-performance bottling line »

For the classic qualities, the bottles pass through a complete set of operations comprised of : rinsing – filling – corking – capsuling – labelling – labelling on the back of the bottles and inspection. For the vintages, the bottling is carried out in the presence of an official representative of the National Interprofessional Authority of Cognac (BNIC). Remark on stocking : all bottles of cognac and Pineau must be stored upright.

« A know-how passed down from generation to generation »

Bottling in the 70s

Bottling in 2010